Literary NFT Roadmap

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Calendar for NFT Writers and Authors

2021 Q1 - Core Litether Team formed and NFT Books Roadmap Laid Out

2021 Q2 - Online NFT book and NFT author assets and assesments procured. Soft launch for expression of interest.

2021 Q3 - Literary Ether (LTH) token launch

2021 Q4 - First LTH NFT assets created and distributed

2022 LTH Mainnet

2022 NFT Literary Agency and Literary Ether NFT Marketplace

2023 LTH NFT Exchange and Non-fungible token asset management expansion

2024 LTH Foundation and NFT Author and NFT Poetry Genius Grants Distributed

Upcoming events

LTH Token Sale

The LTH (Literary Ether) token sale is expected to take place in Q3 of 2021.

LTH Agency and Marketplace

A place for NFT authors to connect and collaborate with digital influencers, agents, and literary NFT procurement specialists.

Past events

Planting the Seeds

It's time for authors and writers to be able to harvest the product of the seeds they have planted. LTH makes this a reality with NFT books and NFT poetry.

Litether is Born

The launch of Litether has been a dream long in the making. Those who create literary works have been controlled and exploited by those who sell literary works for too long. Literary NFTs free the literary soul.