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NFT technology has dramatically changed the way people own digital assets including art, sportscards, video, and memes. Our team at Litether sees a clear path to NFT books, NFT essays, and NFT poems. Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) guarantee proof of ownership and create digitally scarce possibilities. NFTs create true ownership security while making it easier for creators like writers and authors to profit off their creations on the secondary markets.

NFTs, make it easier to trade, and will eventually increase the liquidity of digital literature. Litether is actively engaged in creating partnerships with a diverse array of stakeholders in the creator and crypto economies to tokenize books and literature and support writers in the wider NFT eco-system.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are guaranteed unique digital assets whose ownership is recorded permanently and managed publicly using blockchain technology. Owning an NFT means that you have true and provable ownership of digital items.

While NFTs are a relatively new phenomenon in the world of art and video, they have yet to be brought to the world of books, poetry, and long form essays. Litether and the Literary Ether Token (LTH) are changing that.

Online game items, AR and VR digital objects, digital art and photos, gift coupons, digital event tickets, membership certificates, asset ownership rights, digital twins, collectibles, and other unique items can be stored in NFTs and traded between anybody. Limited edition NFT books and essays will soon be standard publishing fare.

By 2023, the Litether decentralized NFT Marketplace will be operating as an open platform where anybody can create NFT books and trade them autonomously and safely.

Who we are

Our diverse team is knowledgable in the realms of NFT literature, NFT publishing, and exploiting blockchain technology to create digitally scare books and art. We are constantly growing as this field explodes. Due to potential conflicts with current employers, many of our team members choose to remain anonymous until we have accomplished our 2021 goals.


Founder, author, and crypto innovator. Early NFT creator and developer.


Travel writer, digital nomad, and indy publishing queen. Izzy is one of the first NFT authors to explore this space.


Disruptor of All Industries and Literary Folk Hero. Emma has created poetry and essay NFTs from the beginning.


Digital Artist and Early Cryptocurrency Dev and NFT innovator.


Coder, traveler, and gadget master. NFT mastermind.


Guerilla marketer, Reddit PhD, Social Media Catfisher, Loving Husband and Mother. Non-fungible toker.