Litether (LTH)

Creating literary NFTs for novels, non-fiction, fiction, long form essays, and books of all kinds

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Purpose of NFTs for Books and Authors

NFTs are changing the way humans interact and own digital information, art, and collecting. In a very short time, NFTs (non-fungible tokens) have completely changed the way that people think about ownership and scarcity in the world of digital products.

And yet - books and authors - among the core digital products and producers on the planet - have largely been left out of this revolution.

Litether is changing that. Litether (LTH) will allow authors and writers to create truly scarce limited editions of digital works and earn from their creations in perpetuity.

Authors are no longer left out of the NFT revolution thanks to Litether (LTH)

What NFTs Can Do for Authors

Litether makes it possible for every book, manuscript, script, essay, or other long form written work to be turned into a unique tradeable and ownable NFT asset. Our model allows readers to enjoy writer's work for free but also brings a robust pre-sale model to the table.

Fans will be able to invest in the writers they love and authors will be enabled to build hype, buzz, and revenue to support them while they do the work they love.

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